Genghis Khan MTB Adventure & Grassland Extreme Marathon

Wednesday, Jul 29th

Last update:11:00:00 PM GMT


Prize money & rewards

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Even though we believe that amateur sports is about leading a healthy lifestyle and about fun, relaxation and culture, we do reward the fastest 10 athletes on the marathon run (42k) with some appropriate prizemoney, together with a trophy and podium ceremony for the top 6.

The top 6 (men & women) on the half marathon distance will be rewarded with trophies and sponsor gifts during the podium ceremony. The top 3 (men & women) of the 10k distance will likewise receive a trophy during the ceremony.

Please note that each participant in the event (42k, 21k, 11k) will also receive a sponsor gift, a finisher's medal and a personalised certificate

Men Women
Rank Prize Rank Prize
1 2800RMB 1 2800RMB
2 1500RMB 2 1500RMB
3 1000RMB 3 1000RMB
4 800RMB 4 800RMB
5 600RMB 5 600RMB
6 400RMB 6 400RMB
7 300RMB
8 260RMB
9 230RMB
10 200RMB