Genghis Khan MTB Adventure & Grassland Extreme Marathon

Saturday, May 27th

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MTB Track Map 2017

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Brief description

The MTB courses saw a successful facelift in 2012 and were further fine-tuned in 2013 to provide a truly unique opportunity for competitive and less-competitive participants to enjoy the Xiwuqi grasslands. The grasslands are not flat, but also not mountainous. A number of rather short hills need to be conquered on each stage. The terrain is non-technical when dry: hardcore mountainbikers say it is 'easy' but the beauty of the area makes up for that. The stages are suited for 29" wheels.

The 2017 MTB stage courses will see major changes. New sections will be introduced, but the overall total length of approx 200km will remain.

Please note that as cattle fences erected by local farmers are unpredictable, and water creeks are subject to the amount of snow and rainfall in the early part of the year, some changes can always occur at the last moment.

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TBelow are the maps and profile of the 2016 MTB stages. The 2017 maps will becomes availabe after the end of winter in Xiwuqi (early May 2017).


MTB Stage 1: 65 km, 530 Hm


MTB Stage 2: 43km, 450 Hm


MTB Stage 3: 100km, 900 Hm